Drug Abuse Caring for the Smallest Victims of
Pediatric Interim Care Center, The Newborn Nursery



One of the social responsibilities PICC feels they can offer to the community is the message of how drugs effect an unborn child. Any additional information must surely help in better decision making for young adults.


Approximately, twice weekly during the school year, our Director of Public Relations, Pam Huffman goes into local schools (primarily junior and senior high schools) to give presentations to classrooms and groups about how drugs devastate newborns in utero. The students are shown a very informational video, produced specially for this purpose, that shows, among other things, babies suffering the effects of the withdrawal process. Prevention is discussed as is how drug-use affects entire families, not just the drug-user. Many times, classes will visit the Pediatric Interim Care Center to tour the facility and to witness first hand the care and therapeutic handling of a drug exposed newborn.

Education Program

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