Drug Abuse Caring for the Smallest Victims of
Pediatric Interim Care Center, The Newborn Nursery

PICC’s 25 years of follow-up combined with other studies have shown that

with a healthy start and stable home, these children do very well.

Image of Twins

These precious twin boys came to us fighting their pre-natal exposure to opiates. Otherwise very healthy, our challenge, early on, was to keep them comfortable while supporting them through their excruciating withdrawals.

When Joseph came to us, he was a healthy and beautiful looking infant. But, because of his pre-natal exposure to cocaine, he would not wake to feed and, when awake, he couldn't eat. This is one of our greatest challenges; teaching these little ones how to eat.

Image of baby in withdrawal

One of the most rewarding times at PICC is when a graduate returns for a visit to see where their story began.  It is touching to see the smile on their faces as they meet the nurses who provided their care and heartwarming for us to see how well they are doing. Victor, bearing gifts, is peeking at the baby who is sleeping in the crib he once slept in

Due to the methamphetamines that little Emma was exposed to in utero, her little bottom is very excoriated from the caustic chemicals now being excreted via the stool. We must keep the area clean at all times and make sure to use methods to soothe the burning pain.

JeMar has been with us for 7 weeks and is ready to go home to his family.  Having been exposed to multiple drugs, he is now waking to feed and is taking his required amount of formula on his own.




Just six hours old, Charity arrived at the center already in the beginning stages of withdrawal. Only time will tell the extent of the withdrawal that she will be going through. Our goal is to keep her as comfortable as possible as we watch for the signs and symptoms of the most predominate drugs this little one was exposed to.

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