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Volunteering at Pediatric Interim Care Center

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Volunteers are an important part of the team at PICC, providing a special element of love and affection. Because they give of their time and talents, volunteers create an irreplaceable atmosphere of warmth and goodwill, while performing numerous services and tasks which enable us to hold our costs down. We value you!!

What are the Volunteer Opportunities?

There are a variety of opportunities for volunteering at Pediatric Interim Care Center:

    • Every May is our Annual Fundraising Luncheon
    • Every October is our Annual Walk for the Babies
    • The primary duty for a nursery volunteer is to assist the Aides. Volunteers help us maintain a clean, efficient, organized and pleasant nursery for the babies by helping out with the laundry and replenishing supplies.
    • Assisting in the nursery with the babies as needed. Even though you may not be able to hold a baby every time, please know that you are helping the babies just by being here. During the first weeks at PICC, the babies are fragile and must have very little outside stimulus. Touch, sounds, and smells are all difficult for a baby going through withdrawal. During this time, they are cared for only by the staff. As the babies begin their recovery and are not as sensitive, volunteers will be asked to help by holding, rocking, and comforting a baby.
    • Due to the numbers who want to be here with the babies, we have developed a one-hour shift, once a week, in order to answer the desire of the community.
    • Shifts range from 8:00am to 7:00pm, seven days a week.
    • It is very important that a volunteer maintain his or her schedule. If you can’t cover your shift, we ask that you call the volunteer coordinator to keep us informed.


How do I become a volunteer?

For people interested in becoming a volunteer, we have a simple, but key, process to follow (in accordance with our state licensing regulations).

1.Informational Tour

  • Potential volunteers are required to take one of the scheduled informational tours of PICC. These tours are the starting point to becoming a volunteer.
  • We’ll show a video of our babies in the initial stage of withdrawal, so that you’ll have a clear understanding of what the babies are going through. By the end of the tour, everyone interested will know what they can expect and if PICC is a good match for them.
  • We schedule the tours on a need basis.


  • Application forms, which will be handed out after the informational tour, need to be completed and returned to the Volunteer Coordinator.


  • If there is a volunteer vacancy that matches the time availability of the applicant, the individual is contacted for a personal interview.


  • Upon initial acceptance, the prospective volunteer will complete a Criminal History Background Check, including fingerprints. We ask that you cover the $44.00 fee.
  • All volunteers need to obtain a TB test (done at PICC,) or proof if you have had one done within the last 2 years.
  • The State of Washington also requires proof of current Tdap and Flu vaccination for all volunteers. You will need to obtain these two shots on your own and/or provide proof.


  • Training is the final step. This process takes about an hour and is done one-on-one with PICC’s volunteer trainers.


We count on our volunteers to help with the babies! They are an essential part of keeping our costs down while maintaining a high quality, clean, healthy, happy and secure home at PICC.


For more information contact:

Karla Davison, Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 253-852-5253

Email: karla@picc.net


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