Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC) is the nation’s first interim care nursery

for drug-exposed and medically fragile newborns. Founded in 1990, PICC’s

model program has given more than 3,100 infants a safe and healthy start in life.



What we do:

PICC provides 24-hour medical monitoring and nursing care to fill the gap between hospital and home for infants recovering from prenatal drug exposures or other medical difficulties.  PICC’s pioneering program also facilitates visitation for families, provides caregiver training, follows the babies after they leave, and offers a range of community outreach and education services.

Where we are:

PICC is located in Kent, Washington, 20 miles southeast of Seattle.

Why we are needed:

As our community confronts a crisis of addiction to opioids and other drugs, PICC is the only center providing transitional care for prenatally exposed infants throughout Washington State.



Caring for the Smallest Victims Drug Abuse of

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